Natural Resources Journal Welcomes New Staff Members

Dan Akenhead (`12) and Nicholas Pino (`12), co-editors-in-chief of the Natural Resources Journal, welcome the newest members of the publication's staff, which were announced in July.

The Natural Resources Journal is published by the University of New Mexico School of Law and is an international, interdisciplinary forum devoted to the study of natural and environmental resources. The journal is policy oriented and seeks to overcome the isolation of scholars in various disciplines who are concerned with natural and environmental resources.

"We are confident that the new staff members, working closely with their elected editorial board, will play a key role in helping advance the mission of the scholarly journals at the UNM School of Law," said Lynne Arany, managing editor of publications.

Natural Resources Journal Editorial Board and Staff (2011-2012)   

Editorial Board
(All members of the Class of 2012)

Dan Akenhead
Nicholas Pino

Managing Editor
Sarah Plazola

Manuscript Editor/Submissions Editor
Elisa Dimas

Manuscript Editors
Jesse Benoit
Monica Moya
Mia Rubin

Citations Editors
Matthew Beck
Anne Illanes Meyers
Owen Johnson
Danielle Rodgers

(All members of the Class of 2013)
Jonas Armstrong
Tyler Bates
Joshua Curtis
Kelly J. Davis
Lauren Gilmore
Darius Jackson
Zoe Lees
John Lovelace
Aaron Michelsohn
Rebecca Mnuk
Justin Muehlmeyer
Nathan Pederson
Luke Pierpont (`12)
Jonathan See

July 26, 2011