Class of 2011 Academic Honors

LexisNexis Award
Stephen Marshall, second from right, led his class in academic achievement. He is with, l-r, Melanie Stambaugh, Andy Scholl and Professor Laura Gomez.

LexisNexis Award Recognizing Highest Academic Achievement
Stephen Marshall, first in class
Andrew Scholl, second in class
Melanie Stambaugh, third in class

Judge Oliver Seth Award Recognizing Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Summer McKean

A.H. McLeod Award Recognizing Skill in Advocacy
Presented to a third-year student who has demonstrated interest and skill in advocacy
D’Ontae Sylvertooth

Lewis R. Sutin Award Recognizing Excellence in Trial or Appellate Advocacy
This award is presented to an outstanding student in either trial or appellate advocacy, in honor of Judge Sutin, formerly of the New Mexico Court of Appeals.
Andrew Scholl

New Mexico Law Review Certificates
Jennifer Duprez, Editor-in-Chief
D’Ontae Sylvertooth, Editor-in-Chief
Aaron Holloman, Managing Editor
Eugenia C. Lindsey, Managing Editor
Summer McKean, Professional Articles Editor
Ana Romero Jurisson, Professional Articles Editor
Melanie Stambaugh, Professional Articles Editor
Taina Colón, Student Articles Editor
Tara Kinman, Student Articles Editor
Andrew Scholl, Student Articles Editor
Loren Foy, Manuscript Editor
Heather Hansen, Manuscript Editor
Jason Martinez, Manuscript Editor
Maryl McNally, Manuscript Editor
Maria Padilla, Manuscript Editor
Dean Palacios, Manuscript Editor

Wall Street Journal Award Recognizing Excellence in Corporate and Business Law
Sebastian A. Dunlap

Frederick M. Hart Award Recognizing Excellence in Commercial Law
Karen K. Summers

Tort Scholar Award Recognizing Excellence in Tort Law
James Montalbano

Health Law Scholar Award Recognizing Excellence in Health Law
Eugenia C. Lindsey

Mary Beth and W. Richard West, Jr. Award Recognizing Excellence in Indian Law
Selesia Winston

Tribal Law Journal Certificates
Selesia L. Winston, Managing Editor
Renee N. Ashley, Professional Articles Editor
Jonathan Polloni, Professional Articles Editor
Veronique Richardson, Professional Articles Editor 
Emily N. Luke, Student Articles Editor
Heidi Macdonald, Student Articles Editor
Margarita L. Araiza, Senior Staff

Indian Law certificates
Recipients of Indian law certificates.

Indian Law Certificates
Margarita Lourdes Araiza
Renee Nizhoni Ashley
Richard J. Frias
Sherrie Lynn Harris
Emily Nicole Luke
Terrelene Gene Massey
Jonathan Polloni
Veronique Richardson
Selesia L. Winston

Professor Michael B. Browde Award Recognizing Excellence in Constitutional Law
Katherine M. Loewe

Atkinson & Kelsey Award Recognizing Excellence in Family Law
Margarita Araiza

Law Offices of Lynda Latta Award Recognizing Excellence in Family Law Advocacy
Maria Griego

Clinical Honors Award
Clinical Honors recipients.

Clinical Honors Award
Recognizing outstanding performance in the clinical program
Colby D. Bynum
Megan R. Devine
Megan E. Dorsey
Justin D. Goodman
Corinne L. Hale
Sherrie L. Harris
Alice P. Kilborn
Tara Kinman
Maggie H. Lane
Stephen R. Marshall
Maria I. Padilla
Paloma Romo
Andrew D. Scholl
Ethan D. Watson

Clinical Legal Education Association Outstanding Student Award
Heather K. Hansen

American Bankruptcy Institute Medal Recognizing Excellence in Bankruptcy Law
Todd Olmos and Shayla Spolidoro

Hugh B. Muir Award Recognizing Excellence in Tax Law
Sherri Treviño

Irwin Stern Moise Award Recognizing Excellence in Legal and Judicial Ethics
Loren Foy and Tara Kinman

Judge Oliver Seth Award Recognizing Excellence in Legal and Judicial  Ethics
Stephen Marshall

ABA/BNA Award Recognizing Excellence in Intellectual Property Law 
Dean Palacios

National Association of Women Lawyers Award
Presented to a third-year student for academic achievement, interest, and contribution to the advancement of women in society
Sarah Parks

Freedman, Boyd, Hollander, Goldberg, Ives and Duncan, P.A.  Award Recognizing Excellence in Criminal Law 
Taina Colón

Award Recognizing Excellence in International Law and Comparative Law
Gregory L. Cole

Albert E. Utton Natural Resources Law Award Recognizing Excellence in Natural Resources
Ashleigh Morris and John Verheul

Honorable Pete Domenici Award Recognizing Excellence in Environmental Law, Endowed by Paul Bohannon
Kristina Caffrey

Natural Resources Certificates
Christopher N. Atencio
Anthony Burchell
Joshua R. Granata
Ashleigh G. Morris
John B. Verheul
Dominique Work

NRJ Board
The staff of the Natural Resources Journal

Natural Resources Journal Certificates
Maggie Lane, Editor-in-Chief
Ashleigh Morris, Editor-in-Chief
Jennifer Salazar, Managing Editor
Lacy Daniels, Citations Editor
Sarah Parks, Citations Editor
Dominique Work, Citations Editor
Anthony Burchell, Manuscript Editor
Kristina Caffrey, Manuscript Editor
Genevieve Graham, Manuscript Editor
Dayan Hochman, Manuscript Editor
Stephen Marshall, Manuscript Editor
John Verheul, Manuscript Editor

Margaret Keiper Dailey Award
Recognizing a student who has demonstrated awareness of social problems, concern for people in trouble, and professional dedication to equal justice for all.
Jasmine McGee

ALI/ABA  Award Recognizing Excellence in Scholarship and Leadership
D’Ontae Sylvertooth

Award Presentation
Professor Ruth Kovnat presents Jennifer Salazar with the Jerrold L. Walden Award for Excellence.

Jerrold L. Walden Memorial Award
Established as a memorial to Professor Walden, this award recognizes a student who has evidenced the qualities of heart that distinguished Professor Walden, a committed champion of human and civil rights who was particularly devoted to vindicating those rights for the least powerful.
Jennifer Salazar

Henry Kent Anderson Human Services Award
Awarded to an enrolled member of an American Indian Tribe whose work and deeds have demonstrated a concern for victims of societies' inequities.
Sherrie Harris

Deans Awards
Dean Kevin Washburn presents the Dean's Awards.

Dean’s Awards
Recognizing students who have made outstanding contributions to the law school community
Jerry Archuleta
Sarah Blankenhorn
Lacy Daniel
Jennifer Duprez
Richard Frias
Taryn Kaselonis
Deborah Moore
Jessica Terrazas

Sheehan and Sheehan Pursuit of Excellence Award
Recognizes the student who has shown the greatest improvement in their GPA.
Darlene Weed

Faculty Award
Recognizes outstanding contributions to the law school community by a student.
Corinne Hale

Writing Competition Awards

Raymond W. Schowers Writing Competition Award
Eugenia Lindsey

Helen S. Carter Writing Competition Award
Gregory Cole