NRJ Concludes 50th Anniversary Year with Symposium Issue

Natural Resources JournalThe final issue of the 50th anniversary volume of the Natural Resources Journal (NRJ) has been released. This special issue features scholarly articles submitted in connection with the NRJ's Water-Energy Conundrum symposium convened in February 2010 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the journal.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman opened the symposium with an overview of recent congressional advances relating to the water-energy nexus. Next, an article by H. David Gold and Jason Bass explores the potential socioeconomic impacts of water for renewable energy in the Southwest. Debbie Leonard's article provides a legal perspective on how the federal reserved water-rights doctrine, especially in the West, could impact renewable energy development.

The issue continues with an article by Christopher A. Scott and Martin J. Pasqualetti, which discusses energy and water infrastructures and highlights the need for comprehensive management and conservation of these resources. In the issue's final professional article, Stacy Tellinghuisen analyzes the value of water throughout the region and argues for the integration of water into electric resource planning by utilities and regulators.

In addition to symposium articles, Kristina Caffrey (`11) authored, "The House of the Rising Sun: Homeowners' Associations, Restrictive Covenants, Solar Panels, and the Contract Clause."

Following are highlights from the previous issues of volume 50:

No. 1 (Oct. 2010): A tribute to the last 50 years in natural resources policy and law, featuring a special NRJ commemoration note from Dan Tarlock, and articles from other luminaries in the field of natural resources law today: Robert H. Abrams and Noah D. Hall, Robert B. Keiter, John D. Leshy, Janet Neuman and Mary Christina Wood.

No. 2 (Jan. 2011), "As If Equity Mattered": 12 papers by a highly influential multidisciplinary, multigenerational group of noted scholars, including David Feldman and Michelle Whitman, Joseph Sax, Dan Tarlock and Henry Vaux. These papers were presented at a fall 2009 University of California, Berkeley, symposium that was charged with considering equity as a critical aspect of natural resource management and governance.

May 19, 2011