Professor Barbara Creel Invited to Australia Legal Conference

Barbara CreelProfessor Barbara Creel traveled to Sydney, Australia as a presenter at the Transforming Legal Education: Australian National Conference on Clinical and Experiential Learning, a September conference that was hosted by the Kingsford Legal Centre at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Her presentation before an audience of Australian law students, and professors and clinicians from Australia and the United States, focused on her work defending Indians in criminal cases before tribal and federal courts. One of the goals of the presentation was to share experiences working with historically oppressed peoples in legal clinics. 

La PerouseLooking out from the reserve at La Perouse.

Prior to the conference, Creel was invited to meet with Ron Timbery, the UNSW aboriginal outreach worker, to learn about his work in strengthening the links between the local aboriginal community and the Kingsford Legal Centre, a clinic at the university. Timbery runs a weekly outreach service, organizes community legal education, attends and organizes community events and generally supports his aboriginal clients. He also participates in human rights and policy work.

Creel also visited Yarra Bay House, which is the central hub of La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council located near Botany Bay in southeast Sydney. There she met with the CEO of the Land Council and executive director of their youth education and leadership programs to learn of local success in those areas. They shared and discussed common themes between indigenous peoples in the United States and Australia. 

November 3, 2011