Professor Gauna Shares Expertise at Sustainability Symposium

Eileen GaunaProfessor Eileen Gauna (`85) brought her expertise in environmental justice to the fourth annual Symposium on Equality, presented by the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia on Oct. 6. The title of the symposium was, "Overstudied and Underserved: Uses of the Law to Promote Healthy, Sustainable Urban Communities."

Throughout the day, community leaders and national experts took an in-depth look at legal and advocacy tools for protecting minority and low-income communities disproportionately affected by negative environmental impacts, both by stemming further pollution and by crafting a positive vision of their environmental and economic revitalization.

Gauna participated in a panel discussion that addressed how cumulative impact screening tools could best be designed and put to use in environmental litigation and the region's regulatory procedures.

October 7, 2011