Professor Eileen Gauna Presents Distinguished Lecture

Eileen GaunaProfessor Eileen Gauna (`85) presented the Distinguished Lecture at the 2012 Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Law Symposium in early March at the University of Missouri School of Law. The title of her talk was, “Environmental Law, Civil Rights and Sustainability: The Need to Bridge Disparate Frameworks to Address Disparately Impacted Communities.”

The symposium explored the tension between the desire to promote environmental justice through renewable energy and sustainable development strategies, and the environmental justice concerns that such development itself can sometimes raise.

Later in March, Gauna was one of about 30 experts invited to a workshop titled, Adaptation and the Private Sector, where they discussed how to adapt laws to facilitate better private sector adaptation to climate change. The participants will jointly author a white paper based on the workshop discussion.

The workshop was sponsored by the Center for Law, Environment, Adaptation, and Resources at the University of North Carolina School of Law; the Emmett Center for the Environment at UCLA; The Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown Law Center; Vanderbilt Climate Change Research Network and the Center for Progressive Reform.

April 9, 2012