Search Begins for New UNM School of Law Dean

UNM School of LawThe University of New Mexico has begun a nationwide search for a new dean of the UNM School of Law. Douglas M. Brown, dean of the UNM Anderson School of Management, has been appointed by UNM Provost Chaouki T. Abdallah to chair a search committee.

Professor Barbara Bergman, former law school associate dean for academic affairs, is serving as interim dean through the remainder of the 2012-13 academic year, until a new dean is appointed.

Abdallah convened a meeting in early December to share his expectations for the committee and for the potential candidates. It is expected that a new dean will be in place by July 1, 2013.

In the spirit of former dean searches, individuals appointed to the search committee by the chair include law school faculty, alumni, staff and students and a member of New Mexico’s judiciary.

In addition to Brown, members of the committee are:

  • Reed Benson, Keleher & McLeod Professor of Law, UNM School of Law;
  • Camille Carey, assistant professor of law, UNM School of Law;
  • Fred Hart, emeritus professor of law, UNM School of Law;
  • Steven K. Homer, lecturer III, UNM School of Law;
  • April Land, professor of law and associate dean for clinical affairs, UNM School of Law;
  • John LaVelle, professor of law, UNM School of Law;
  • Nathalie Martin, Frederick M. Hart Chair in Consumer & Clinical Law, UNM School of Law;
  • Max Minzner, associate professor of law and associate dean for faculty development, UNM School of Law;
  • Dawinder "Dave" Sidhu, assistant professor of law, UNM School of Law;
  • Kevin Tu, assistant professor of law, UNM School of Law;
  • Melissa Lobato, advancement operations manager, UNM School of Law;
  • Bonnie Stepleton (`87), assistant dean for student services, UNM School Law;
  • The Honorable Charles Daniels (`69), Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court;
  • Jessica Hernandez (`02), general counsel, State of New Mexico;
  • Henry Narvaez (`74), attorney, Narvaez Law Firm;
  • David Martinez (`82), attorney, Martinez, Hart & Thompson;
  • Helen Padilla (`97), director, American Indian Law Center;
  • Steve Scholl (`89), attorney, Dixon, Scholl & Bailey;
  • Lauren Gilmore (`13), president, UNM School of Law Student Bar Association;
  • The Honorable Stan Whitaker (`89), judge, Second Judicial District Court;
  • Craig Williams (`14), president, Native American Law Student Association.

Questions related to the UNM School of Law dean search should be directed to Jennifer Love, dean search coordinator and program planning officer, Office of the Provost, at

December 12, 2012