Susan Allen Elected to Minnesota Legislature

Susan AllenSusan Allen (`95) has become the first Native American woman to serve in the Minnesota Legislature. She prevailed in a special election in early January and was sworn in on Jan. 19 to the beat of a drum circle in the chamber of the House of Representatives.

Allen represents a diverse south Minneapolis House district with a high poverty rate. She said she is eager to begin work, and plans to make job creation a top priority. She also plans to focus on environmental protection.

Throughout her legal career, Allen, who is Lakota, Dakota and Anishinabe, has represented tribal communities across Minnesota. She has provided a full range of services, including assisting tribal governments with drafting substantive tribal laws that address child welfare, housing, economic development, health care and other tribal needs; complex commercial transactions; nearly all areas of taxation; and other matters relating to the internal governance of individual tribes and relationships with federal, state and local governments.

January 23, 2012