John Feldman Leads Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs

John FeldmanJohn Taichert Feldman (`89) was appointed coordinator of the University of New Mexico School of Law’s alternative dispute resolution programs in early 2012. In this new role, he builds on the school’s longtime commitment to providing practical problem-solving courses to students.

Feldman, who has led the school’s career services office since 2002, now focuses on increasing opportunities for students to gain hands-on learning for serving clients.

“As legal educators, we want to give students the capacity to be able to solve problems for others,” he said. “In my new role, I look forward to building on our clinical offerings and courses such as criminal law in practice, poverty law in practice, the 40-hour mediation course, family mediation, along with interviewing, counseling and negotiation.” Feldman has taught mediation at the UNM School of Law since 1998.

He also looks forward to developing his role as the point of intersection for ADR programs statewide between the UNM School of Law and the courts. Last year, he was named to represent the school on the New Mexico Supreme Court’s newly formed Statewide Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission.

At the law school, practicing lawyers and judges are invited to enroll in some of the school’s ADR offerings. Feldman views this mixture as an exciting opportunity for practitioners, judges and the students to be exposed to each others’ perspectives. To make the weekend mediation courses more enticing for court personnel, scholarships for non-lawyer judges, lawyer judges and court administrators are now available through the school’s Judicial Education Center.

“My hope is that the law school will be able to help advance mediation and other forms of dispute resolution to give the people of this state more control over their own lives,” said Feldman.

January 26, 2012