Electronic Whiteboards Enhance Learning in Clinical Program

Electronic Whiteboards Enhance Learning in Clinic

Jim Butler, Visiting Professor at the UNM School of Law, uses an interactive whiteboard while teaching in the Business and Tax Clinic.

Consistently ranked as one of the top clinical education programs in the nation, the UNM Law Clinical Program engages students more fully with interactive whiteboards.

One of the first law schools in the country to create a mandatory clinic, UNM also pioneered the use of technology in the clinical program with the development and use of an automated case management system. Now the five interactive whiteboards are proving to be useful teaching tools to engage students.

In 2012, the two-story Clinic at the Law School was completely refurbished with offices, meeting rooms, and large open spaces. The collaborative learning area now houses five workstation clusters (one for each Clinic section), each with its own faculty workstation, library, file storage units, and electronic whiteboard.

The interactive whiteboards allow faculty to incorporate a variety of resources when teaching and to engage students more fully. "The electronic whiteboard lets me display any content I can access on my computer, make notes electronically and then transfer the resulting file to student workstations," says Jim Butler, Visiting Professor at the UNM School of Law. "I can ask a student to check a fact or cite on the Internet and then pull that student’s results directly to the whiteboard. I can push the whiteboard display to each of the student’s individual stations and then ‘pass the chalk’ to individual students so they can make notes that appear on the whiteboard for comment by the class."

December 18, 2013