First Year Student Acts Out 37 Shakespeare Plays in Less than Two Hours

Daniel Cornish

Photo: Daniel Cornish (front) with Scott Bryan and Ryan Jason Cook

First year law student Daniel Cornish reprised his role from five years ago acting in "The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)." The three-man play opened the Albuquerque Little Theatre's 2013-14 season running from August 30th through September 15th.

Fast Paced, Laugh-Out-Loud, and Non-Stop Shakespeare

The group acted out thirty-seven plays in a mere ninety-seven minutes. The first act is dedicated to Romeo and Juliet and other tragedies, the second comprised of Shakespeare’s sonnets and "Hamlet", and the third included almost all of Shakespeare’s other plays.

The play’s fast paced, condensed, and comedic approach makes Shakespeare’s difficult works accessible in a modern context. As Cornish puts it, "no fear, no trepidation, no strings attached–just a night of wonderful theatre where the audience will have a rollicking good time romping through the works of the greatest of all English playwrights."

Cornish also found acting a rollicking good time. "From the beginning of the rehearsal process to the closing show, this production was one of the more rewarding storytelling experiences of my life," he says.

Acting Aids in Future Law Career

Cornish finds acting not only a rewarding passion, but also a tool for his future success as a lawyer. "As a first year law student, I find that my background in theatre will be a tremendous asset in my legal career," he says. "While my acting training will be beneficial from a technical standpoint, it is my ability to connect with my fellow human and share a story that will move forward my goal of being an effective advocate."

Cornish was able to break down the complex and often dense nature of Shakespeare through acting and words. He wants to do just that for his future clients and make the law easier to comprehend. "Much like the way I shed light on the mystery of Shakespeare through honest storytelling, I will help to make the law accessible to client, jury, and colleague. There are many analogous lines that draw law and theatre together, but it is the application that I find most important; without passion and purpose, both are just "words, words, words." That’s from Hamlet, Act II, Scene II."

November 11, 2013