Professor Kevin Tu Quoted on Identity Theft, Mobile Transactions, and the New Cashless World

phoneUNM School of Law Professor Kevin V. Tu, who teaches and writes in the areas of commercial law, business law, banking and financial institution regulation, and technology, has written a new paper that been quoted in blogs and news stories lately.

Tu's new paper, "Regulating the New Cashless World" points out that while Internet and mobile payment volume has grown exponentially, existing laws and regulations lag behind. "The article takes the first meaningful look at the intersection of technology and consumer protection in the context of new and merging payment systems," reports Tu. "It seeks to resolve the apparent tension between the two, suggesting a framework for modernizing state money transmitter laws to accommodate new technology and the realities of a cashless world while still respecting the statutory purpose of consumer protection where appropriate."

Tu was recently quoted in an article on CardHub titled "Identity Theft: What It Is, How It Happens & the Best Protection."

Tu's article is also the subject of a featured post on RegBlog by Wistar Wilson.

See the press release about Tu's scholarship being noticed in an article in the American Banker.

November 1, 2013