Faculty Band Contributes to the Community

Faculty Band

(Left to right): Mike Breschia, bass; Jim Butler, electric guitar; Alex Ritchie, vocals and percussion; and Sergio Pareja, acoustic guitar. Photo by Robert Johnston

Some of the ways in which faculty from the University of New Mexico School of Law contribute to the community include teaching, advocacy, pro bono work, and serving on boards.

Three members of the faculty, plus a local attorney, also use their musical talents to contribute to the community. UNM Law School professors Alex Ritchie, Jim Butler, and Sergio Pareja as well as Mike Breschia, a partner at the Rodey Law Firm, perform locally in a band called "Keep Your Day Job." The group plays acoustic, folk, jazz, country, and classic rock.

The group generally tries to practice about once a week, and they occasionally play at law school events as well as through UNM’s Arts-in-Medicine program. On April 2, 2014, the band performed over the lunch hour at the Barbara and Bill Richardson Pavilion Café at UNM Health Sciences Center as part of Arts-in-Medicine's spring concert series.

According to Pareja, "We chose the band name because we don’t want the audience to expect too much from us. We are, after all, lawyers and law professors who do this on the side. It really is more of a creative outlet for us, albeit an outlet that we are all passionate about. It lets us give back to the community while having a blast."