UNM School of Law Faculty Present at AALS Conference

AALS - New York SkylineUNM School of Law Faculty Present at AALS Conferencerence Five UNM School of Law faculty were slated to present at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) from January 2-5 in New York City.

AALS describes the meeting as an opportunity to map out effective strategies tailored to the particular needs, resources, and students of different schools. The meeting was also developed to serve as an important step towards engaging with fellow faculty members in shaping legal education and its future leaders.

UNM Law faculty presenters included Prof. Nathalie Martin, Prof. Alfred Mathewson, Prof.Lu-in Wang, Prof. Jeannette Wolfley, and Prof. Christine Zuni Cruz. Unfortunately, inclement weather precluded some of the scheduled presenters and audience from participating, including Wolfley and Zuni.

Nathalie Martin

Professor Nathalie Martin

Nathalie Martin gave a paper entitled "Think Like a (Mindful) Lawyer: Incorporating Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in the First Year Law Curriculum". The panel presentation was part of the program sponsored by the Association of American Law School at its 2014 annual meeting in New York City, January 3-5, 2014. The panel was sponsored by the Section on Balance in Legal Education and the program was entitled "The Many Connections Between Well-Being and Professionalism in the Practice of Law."

Alfred Mathewson

Professor Alfred Mathewson

Mathewson’s paper was selected from a call for papers for the panel in the Law and Sports section. The program concerns issues surrounding the litigation commenced by Ed O’Bannon, former celebrated UCLA basketball standout, on behalf of other former collegiate student athletes against the NCAA and the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). The panel presentation was titled, "Times Have Changed: A New Bargain for Sharing the Revenue Stream in Intercollegiate Athletics with Student Athletes."

Lu-In Wang

Professor Lu-In Wang

Wang co-presented a session for the Section on Teaching Methods: "Masters at Work: The Many Facets of Effective Teaching." She facilitated a discussion of the importance of providing context for students and ways to do that. Their presentation included portions of a video from several years ago, "Teach to the Whole Class: Barriers and Pathways to Learning" (1997), that featured interviews with students at a number of law schools including UNM.

Christine Zuni Cruz

Professor Christine Zuni Cruz

Zuni Cruz was to moderate the AALS Indian Nations and Indigenous Peoples Section Program 2014: "The Relationship Between Indian Law and Tribal Law."

Jeanette Wolfley

Professor Jeanette Wolfley

Wolfley was scheduled to present on the Indigenous Peoples and the Law panel and to discuss her recent article entitled, "Tribal Environmental Programs: Providing Meaningful Involvement and Fair Treatment." The article provides a review of tribal court decisions, tribal laws, agreements and models that tribes have developed to ensure that there is meaningful involvement in environmental decision making. The article is forthcoming in the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation, University of Oregon SOL.