Student Journal's Call for Papers Publicized in the Wall Street Journal

New Mexico Law Review - Breaking Bad

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New Mexico Law Review, the UNM School of Law student-edited general legal journal, issued a Call for Papers for a special upcoming issue on "Breaking Bad".

The concept for the innovative issue received media attention in a story by Jacob Gershman in the Wall Street Journal on May 21. Read the article here:

Carol M. Suzuki, Dickason Professor at the UNM Law School, is the 2014 faculty advisor for the NM Law Review. "The student editors and staff of the New Mexico Law Review look forward to publishing articles of intellectual rigor that analyze contemporary legal issues related to the storyline of the critically-acclaimed Breaking Bad television series," says Suzuki. "We can only hope for the Breaking Bad special issue to receive similar positive ratings."

The Law Review's Call for Papers reads:

Breaking Bad is generally considered one of the greatest dramatic series in television history.

Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Breaking Bad follows Walter White's progression from a humble high school chemistry teacher to a vicious methamphetamine kingpin, and introduces us to others caught up in Walter's devolution, including law enforcement agencies and officials, and his colorful lawyer, Saul Goodman.

Breaking Bad implicates a number of significant legal and social issues, including the war on drugs, morality and the law, and ethical attorney behavior, among other critical topics.

The editorial board of the New Mexico Law Review ("NMLR") is soliciting articles for a special issue dedicated to the exploration of legal issues arising from Breaking Bad, and invites scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and other subject matter experts to contribute to this special issue.