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New Mexico Law Review Article Submission

The New Mexico Law Review welcomes articles on law and law-related topics, particularly those of interest to practitioners in New Mexico and the region.

The material submitted to the New Mexico Law Review must be original work and previously unpublished, in whole or in part. Furthermore, articles must conform to the guidelines established for Manuscript Preparation for Accepted Authors. Please review these guidelines prior to submitting an article.

The New Mexico Law Review does not:

  • publish essays
  • publish student authors, except NMLR members
  • publish press releases

Article Review Period

The New Mexico Law Review is published on a calendar-year (January-December), and contains two issues in each volume. Although articles are reviewed year-round, submissions from January through July have a higher chance for publication.

Submit articles for consideration to:

The NMLR accepts articles via bepress EspressO or via email.
Submit Electronically Directly to the NMLR
Submit via bepress EspressO

Expedited Review

The New Mexico Law Review will honor reasonable requests for an expedited review. However, if we are unable to give an expedited review by the date requested, you will be notified that the article has been withdrawn from our consideration. We request that authors use the expedited review privilege sparingly.

Article Withdrawal

Please notify our office as soon as possible if your article is accepted by another journal so that we may withdraw it from consideration.

Publication Offer

When your article is selected for publication, we will contact you by telephone, Email, or fax. You will receive our acceptance package that includes an offer letter, Author Response form, Author Information form, our standard Publication Agreement, and Manuscript Preparation for Accepted Authors. Return these materials promptly so we may begin the editing of the article.