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January 1971, Vol. 1, No. 1

Front Matter


The Tenants' Rights Movement    1
Tova Indritz

The Use of Revocable Inter Vivos Trusts in Estate Planning   143
Owen B. Marron

Tax Advantage in Farming Before and After the Tax Reform Act of 1969: How Much Reform?   147
Hugh B. Muir

Indians—-Civil Jurisdiction in New Mexico-State, Federal and Tribal Courts   196
Richard E. Ransom & William G. Gilstrap

Poverty Lawyers' Independence— Battle Cry for Justice   215
John D. Robb, Jr.


Student Discipline Cases in State Universities of New Mexico—Procedural Due Process
James A. Branch, Jr.

Municipal Assumptions of Tort Liability for Damages Caused by Police Officers   263
John M. Eaves and Don J. Svet

Public Labor Disputes-A Suggested Approach for New Mexico
Leonard Gilbert Espinosa

Legal Aid: New Mexico's Unfulfilled Responsibility   299
Phil Krehbiel

A Remedy for a Breach of the Government— Indian Trust Duties   321
Douglas Nash

Beyond the Law—To Equal Educational Opportunities for Chicanos and Indians   335
John R. Silko


Official Symbols—Use and Abuse   352
John A. Bannerman

Insurance—Joinder of Defendant's Insurer, a Resolution of the Sellman Problem   375
Owen Russell

Wage Garnishment in New Mexico—Existing Debtor Protections Under Federal and State Law and Further Proposals   388
Ronald J. Segel

The Last Bastion Falls: All Property Restrictions on the Franchise are Unconstitutional
Dorothy B. Wagar


Reid, A Law of Blood; The Primitive Law of the Cherokee Nation   425
Joseph D. Sabatini

Kanowitz, Poem is a Four-letter Word   428
Richard Simms