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Winter 1976-77, Vol. 7, No. 1

Front Matter


Dedication    1
Henry Weihofen and Fred L. Ragsdale, Jr.

Medical Malpractice Legislation in New Mexico    5
Ruth L. Kovnat

Age Discrimination in Employment: A Comparison of the Federal and State Laws and Remedies in New Mexico    51
Joseph F. Canepa and Larry M. Reecer


Uranium Taxation: An Economic Proposal    69
William J. Clifford

Securities: Private Placements in New Mexico    105
Julie Allecta

Voluntary Sterilization in New Mexico: Who Must Consent?    121
Kathleen Davison Lebeck


Legal Problems of the Poor, by Berney, Arthur L.; Goldberg, Joseph; Dooley, John A.; Carroll, David W.
Charles T. Dumars