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New Mexico Law Review Summer 1979, Vol. 9, No. 2

Front Matter


Dedication    211
Maureen A. Sanders, Robert J. Desiderio, Arturo G. Ortega and Millard Ruud

The Indian Tax Cases—A Territorial Analysis    221
Sandra Jo Craig

The Impact of the Revised New Mexico Class Action Rules Upon Consumers    263
Paul Biderman

Cost of Service Indexing: An Analysis of New Mexico's Experiment in Public Utility Regulation
David S. Cohen and Charles Fulton Noble

Disclosure of Medical Information—Criminal Prosecution of Medicaid Fraud in New Mexico    321
Arnold Padilla

New Mexico's Antitrust Law    339
James J. Wechsler


Taxing of Electrical Energy: An Analysis of Arizona Public Service Company v. Snead    349
Nancy Asbury

United States v. New Mexico: The Beginning of a Trend Toward Favoring State Water Rights Over Federal Water Rights   361
Gerald Velarde

Gabaldon v. Sanchez: New Developments in the Law of Nuisance, Negligence and Trespass    367
Mary E. Boudreau

Sternloff v. Hughes: Vagueness As Affecting the Admissibility of Extrinsic Evidence in Deed Descriptions    383
David N. Hernández

Prescriptive Easement in New Mexico    393
Jane G. Printz

The Unauthorized Practice of Law in New Mexico    403
Mark Michals

State v. Galio: An Administrative Search?    419
Jerry Dickinson

State v. Jackson: A Solution to the Felony-Murder Rule Dilemma    433
Lee Matotan

A Comment on State v. Montoya and the Use of Arrest Records in Sentencing    443
Carol Jean Stafford Pennock

INDEX: VOLUME 9    463