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Winter 1979-80, Vol. 10, No. 1

Front Matter


Dedication    1
Frederick M. Hart

Judicial Adoption of Comparative Fault in New Mexico: The Time is at Hand   3
Joseph Goldberg

The Fourth Amendment: The Reasonableness and Warrant Clauses   33
Luis G. Stelzner

Transfers of Partnership Interests and Optional Adjustments to Basis   51
Donald G. Weidner

The Use of the Substantial Evidence Rule to Review Administrative Findings of Fact in New Mexico   103
Albert E. Utton

Solar Energy Law: Easements of Access to Sunlight   121
John William Gergacz


Access to Sunlight: New Mexico's Solar Rights Act   169
Deborah Zamora Grout

Statutory Notice in Zoning Actions: Nesbit v. City of Albuquerque   177
Norman Todd

Poteet v. Roswell Daily Record, Inc.: Balancing First Amendment Free Press Rights Against a Juvenile Victim's Right to Privacy   185
Ella J. Fenoglio

Two-Tiered Test for Double Jeopardy Analysis in New Mexico   195
J. Randy Turner

McGuinness v. State: Limiting the Use of Depositions at Trial   207
Randi McGinn Giron

The Use of an Information Following the Return of a Grand Jury No Bill: State v. Joe Nestor Chavez   217
Lynn Isaacson


Constitutional Law, by John E. Nowak, Ronald D. Rotunda and J. Nelson Young and American Constitutional Law: A Structure for Liberty, by Laurence H. Tribe   223
William F. Swindler

The 1978 Supreme Court Review, Edited by Philip B. Kurland and Gerhard Casper   229
Michael B. Browde