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Winter 1980-81, Vol. 11, No. 1

Front Matter


SURVEY OF NEW MEXICO LAW: April, 1979-March, 1980

Letter from the Dean    ix
Dean Robert J. Desiderio

Preface   xi
The Editors

Administrative Law   1
Michael B. Browde

Civil Procedure   53
Vance Mauney and Elisabeth Losee

Commercial Law   69
Frederick M. Hart

Criminal Law and Procedure   85
Harris Hartz

Domestic Relations and Juvenile Law   135
Barbara L. Shapiro

Estates and Trusts   151
John D. Laflin

Evidence   159
Richard A. Gonzales

Indian Law   189
Charles N. Estes, Jr.

Property   203
Diane Fisher

Torts  217
William G. Gilstrap

Workmen's Compensation   235
J. E. Casados


TORTS—Libel—The Defenses of Fair Comment and Qualified Privilege. Mauck, Stastny & Rassam, P.A. v. Bicknell, 19 N.M. St. B. Bull. 708 (Ct. App. July 31, 1980).   243
Paul E. Houston

SECURITIES—The Paper Trail to Jail. State v. Sheets, 94 N.M. 356, 610 P.2d 760 (Ct. App.), cert. denied, __ N.M. __ , 615 P.2d 992 (1980).   255
Curtis Huff

Table of Cases    265