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New Mexico Law Review Summer 1981, Vol. 11, No. 2

Front Matter


Constitutionality of the New Mexico Capital Punishment Statute    269
Ruth Musgrave Silver

Habeas Corpus in New Mexico   291
Thomas A. Donnelly and William T. MacPherson

Unemployment Compensation in New Mexico   327
James M. Klein and Tracy Sprouls


TORTS—A Survey of the Law of Strict Tort Products Liability in New Mexico   359
William Mark Mowery


COMMUNITY PROPERTY—Profit Sharing Plans—Approval of Undiscounted Current Actual Value and Distribution by Promissory Note Secured by Lien on Separate Property. Ridgway v. Ridgway, 94 N.M. 345, 610 P.2d 749 (1980)   409
Tibo J. Chavez, Jr.

COMMUNITY PROPERTY—Transmutation of Community Property: A Preference for Joint Tenancy in New Mexico? Estate of Fletcher v. Jackson, 94 N.M. 572, 613 P.2d 714 (Ct. App.), cert. denied, 94 N.M. 674, 615 P.2d 991 (1980)   421
Dorothy Kay Carter

COMMUNITY PROPERTY—Valuation of Professional Goodwill. Hurley v. Hurley, 94 N.M. 641, 615 P.2d 256 (1980)   435
Jill Adams

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE—Grand Jury—Inadmissible Evidence, Due Process. Maldonado v. State, 93 N.M. 670, 604 P.2d 363 (1979)   451
Sarah Curry Smith

LABOR LAW—A Standard for "Reasonable" Concerted Activity. NLRB v. Modern Carpet Industries, Inc., 611 F.2d 811 (10th Cir. 1979)   465
Barbara Koenig

TORTS—Government Immunity Under the New Mexico Tort Claims Act   475
Jocelyn M. Torres

TORTS—Negligence-Judicial Adoption of Comparative Negligence in New Mexico. Claymore v. City of Albuquerque, 20 N.M. St. B. Bull. 75 (Ct. App. Jan. 15, 1981)   487
Martha Dabney

INDEX: VOLUME 11    507