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Winter 1982, Vol. 12, No. 1

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SURVEY OF NEW MEXICO LAW: April 1, 1980-March, 1981

Preface    xi
The Editors

Administrative Law   1
Michael B. Browde

Civil Procedure   97
Mario E. Occhialino

Commercial Law   173
Daniel Dabney

Constitutional Law   191
Raymond Schowers

Criminal Law  229
Martha C. Dabney, Matthew Holt and Sarah Curry Smith

Criminal Procedure   271
Luis G. Stelzner

Domestic Relations   325
David Kelsey and Thomas Montoya

Estates and Trusts   363
Suzanne Barker Lebeck

Evidence  379
J. Michael Norwood

Indian Law   409
Richard Hughes

Property   459
Raymond Baehr

Torts   481
Ann C. Scales


Children's Code—Neglect—-State ex rel. Health and Social Services Department v. Natural Father   505
Sandra Baca

Search and Seizure—Search Warrants-Probable Cause—Reliability of Confidential and Anonymous Informants—-State v. Brown   517
Annette Nathanson DeBois

Comparing Apples and Oranges—The New Mexico Supreme Court's Modification of the Habendum Clause in an Oil and Gas Lease by the Implied Covenant of Development   529
Rebecca Dickerson

Human Rights Commission v. Board of Regents: Should a University\be Considered a Public Accommodation under the New Mexico Human Rights Act?   541
Todd Heisey

Harmon v. Atlantic Richfield Co.: The Duty of an Employer to Provide a Safe Place to Work for the Employee of an Independent Contractor   559
Nancy Augustus Hertz

Custodial Interrogation in New Mexico: State v. Trujillo   577
Darrel Jiles

Real Property—Constructive Trust—Resulting Trust—Thomas v.Reid   591
Carolyn Levin

Constitutional Law—Regulating Nude Dancing in Liquor Establishments—The Preferred Position of the Twenty-First Amendment—Nall v. Baca   611
Daniel E. Ramczyk

Table of Cases   625