New Mexico Law Review Spring 1982, Vol. 12, No. 2

Front Matter


Private and Limited Offerings After a Decade of Experimentation: The Evolution of Regulation D     633
Theodore Parnall, Bruce R. Kohl, and Curtis W. Huff

The Constitutionality of Pretrial Detention Without Bail in New Mexico  685
J. Michael Norwood and Larry S. Novins

Defending the Abusively Discharged Employee: In Search of a Judicial Solution   711
Eric Isbell-Sirotkin

Sufficiency of Provocation for Voluntary Manslaughter in New Mexico: Problems in Theory and Practice   747
Leo M. Romero


COMMENT: MENTAL HEALTH LAW—Temporary Detention of "Voluntary" Patients by Hospital Authorities: Due Process Issues   791
Catherine Gordon

CONTRACTS—EXCULPATORY PROVISIONS—A Bank's Liability for Ordinary Negligence: Lynch v. Santa Fe National Bank   821
Margaret B. Alcock

TITLE INSURANCE—New Mexico Sets the Date for Determination of Value in Title Insurance Cases: Hartman v. Shambaugh   833
Dolph Barnhouse

TORTS—WRONGFUL DEATH—A Viable Fetus is a "Person" Under the New Mexico Wrongful Death Statute: Salazar v. St. Vincent Hospital   843
Shannon L. Donahue

DISCOVERY—-EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE—Overcoming Executive Privilege to Discover the Investigative Material of the 1980 New Mexico Penitentiary Riot: State ex rel. Attorney General v. First Judicial District   861
Pia Gallegos


Judges and Politics: Accountability and Independence in an Election Year   873
James W. Ellis