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New Mexico Law Review Spring 1983, Vol. 13, No. 2

Front Matter


SURVEY OF NEW MEXICO LAW: April 1, 1981—March 31, 1982

Administrative Law    235
Barbara Shapiro and Robert Jacobvitz

Civil Procedure   251
Mario E. Occhialino

Commercial Law  293
Karl Johnson

Criminal Law   323
Nancy Hollander

Criminal Procedure   341
Luis G. Stelzner and Darrel Jiles

Domestic Relations   379
David H. Kelsey and Sanford H. Siegel

Estates and Trusts   395
Margaret B. Alcock

Evidence I   407
Nancy Augustus Hertz

Evidence II: Evidence of Other Crimes as Proof of Intent   423
Lee E. Teitelbaum and Nancy Augustus Hertz

Property   435
Pamela B. Minzner

Tax Law   459
Gerard Paul Dumas

Torts   473
Robin Dozier Otten and Thomas J. McBride

Workmen's Compensation   495
William Booker Kelly


SEARCH AND SEIZURE—The Exigent Circumstances Exception to the Fourth Amendment Warrant Requirement for Home Arrests: The Key to the Castle: State v. Chavez   511
Kelly Hooper Burnham

DOMESTIC RELATIONS—An Interpretation of the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act of 1980: State ex rel. Valles v. Brown   527
Joyce M. Gentry

EVIDENCE—The Admissibility of Hypnotically Refreshed Testimony in New Mexico: State v. Beachum   541
Grey Handy

FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS ACT—The New Mexico Appellate Courts' Choice of the Proper Limitations Period for Civil Rights Actions Filed Under 42 U.S.C. § 1983: DeVargas v. State ex rel. New Mexico Department of Corrections   555
Andy G. Schultz

Table of Cases    567