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Winter 1984, Vol. 14, No. 1

Front Matter


SURVEY OF NEW MEXICO LAW: April 1, 1982—March 31, 1983

Administrative Law    1
Suedeen Kelly and Marilyn O'Leary

Civil Procedure   17
Mario E. Occhialino

Commercial Law   45
Karl Johnson

Constitutional Law   77
Raymond Schowers

Criminal Law   89
Charles W. Daniels and Teresa E. Storch

Criminal Procedure   109
Matthew Holt

Domestic Relations   135
Helene Simson

Estates and Trusts   153
John D. Laflin

Evidence   161
Richard A. Gonzales and Susan Weckesser

Land Use Planning/Zoning   183
John A. Myers

Property Law   189
Honorable Pamela B. Minzner

Workmen's Compensation   211
Arthur D. Melendres and Douglas A. Baker


COMMUNITY PROPERTY: Appreciation of Community Interests and Investments in Separate Property in New Mexico: Portillo v. Shappie   227
Ann Dumas

SEARCH AND SEIZURE: The Automobile Exception to the Fourth Amendment Warrant Requirement: A Further Exception to the Fourth :State v. Capps   239
Julie N. Altwies

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW—CRIMINAL LAW—EVIDENCE: Admissibility of a Motorist's Refusal to Take a Breath-Alcohol Test: McKay v. Davis   257
Sean Devlin Bersell