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New Mexico Law Review Spring 1985, Vol. 15, No. 2

Front Matter


April 1, 1983-March 31, 1984     ix

Administrative Law    119
Michael Browde and Andrew J. Schultz

Civil Procedure   157
Lisa M. Burke and Joann Keleher

Commercial Law  187
Robin Dozier Otten and Floyd W. Wilson

Condominium Law   203
Janice M. Ahern and John N. Patterson

Criminal Law  231
Nancy Hollander and Kari Converse

Criminal Procedure   263
Stephen A. Slusher

Employment Law   295
Matthew P. Holt and Susan Zeller

Evidence  311
Katherine C. Pearson

Insurance Law   327
Phyllis Dow

Property Law   345
Berta Hernandez

Torts   363
Ellen M. Kelley


CONSTITUTIONAL LAW—JUVENILE LAW—The Transfer of a Child from Juvenile Court to Adult Court: State v. Doe   379
Patricia Morrin Taylor

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW—TAXATION—New Mexico Vietnam Veterans' Property Tax Exemption and Judicial Review in Equal Protection Analysis: Hooper v. Bernalillo County Assessor   389
Geraldine E. Rivera