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Winter 1988, Vol. 18, No. 1

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ADR: Another Acronym, or a Viable Alternative to the High Cost of Litigation and Crowded Court Dockets? The Debate Commences   1
Richard A. Enslen

The Contextual Legitimacy of Adjudication in Tribal Courts and the Role of the Tribal Bar as an Interpretive Community: An Essay    49
Frank Pommersheim

A Critique of the Willful, Deliberate, and Premeditated Formula for Distinguishing between First and Second Degree Murder in New Mexico     73
Leo M. Romero

Division and Distribution of the Community Interest in Defined Benefit Pensions: Schweitzer Reconsidered   95
Phoebe Carter and John Myers

Government as Arbiter, not Custodian: Relational Privacy as Foundation for a Right to Refuse Medical Treatment Prolonging Incompetents' Lives   131
Stanley E. Cox

Post-Minority Support for College Education—A Legally Enforceable Obligation in Divorce Proceedings?     153
Kathleen Conrey Horan

Taxation of Corporate Distributions of Property: The Impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986    179
Dan L. McNeal


CRIMINAL PROCEDURE: Search and Seizure—"Plane" View Surveillance of the Curtilage in California v. Ciraolo    207
Guy J. Dicharry

TORT LAW: Fair Report Privilege—Does the Self-Report Exception Apply When a Newspaper Defendant Fairly Reports Statements Made by a Witness during Its Own Litigation? Stover v. Journal Publishing Co.    223
Leslie A. Endean

COMMERCIAL LAW: Creditor and Debtor Rights under the Uniform Commerical Code: Kimura v. Wauford   237
F. Michael Hart

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: Drug Courier Profile and Reasonable Articulable Suspicion—Does Conformity with the Former Give Rise to the Latter? State v. Cohen   251
Kathleen M. V. Oakey

WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION: The Procedural Requirements of the Subsequent Injury Act: Fierro v. Stanley's Hardware    269
Jere K. Smith