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New Mexico Law Review Winter 1988, Vol. 18, No. 2

Front Matter


Civil Procedure    287
Lisa Burke and Judith A. Schrandt

Commercial Law    313
Jay D. Hertz and W. Patrick Harman

Construction Law    331
Stanley C. Sager and Claudia L. Ray

Criminal Procedure    345
Elliott Guttmann

Domestic Relations    371
Thomas C. Montoya

Indian Law    403
Richard W. Hughes

Medical Malpractice    469
J. Douglas Compton, Cindy L. Turcotte and Nina H. Compton

Statutory Adoption of Several Liability in New Mexico: A Commentary and Quasi-Legislative History    483
Andrew G. Schultz and M. E. Occhialino

Substantial Evidence Reconsidered: The Post-Duke City Difficulties and Some Suggestions for Their Resolution    525
Michael B. Browde

The Impact of Non-Mutual Collateral Estoppel on Tort Litigation Involving Several Liability    559
M. E. Occhialino

Workers' Compensation Law    579
Tracy E. McGee


CIVIL PROCEDURE: New Mexico Adopts the Modem View of Collateral Estoppel: Silva v. State   597
Stuart R. Butzier

COMMUNITY PROPERTY LAW: The Apportionment of Marital Community Assets: Dorbin v. Dorbin   613
Scott K. Atkinson

INDIAN LAW: Economic Development, Gambling on Continued Federal Interest: California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians    623
Linda S. Lonsdale

WORKERS' COMPENSATION LAW: A Clinical Psychologist Is Qualified to Give Expert Medical Testimony Regarding Causation: Madrid v. University of California, d/b/a Los Alamos National Laboratory    637
Deborah D. Wells

INDEX: VOLUME 18    651