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New Mexico Law Review Spring 1990, Vol. 20, No. 2

Front Matter


Editors' Foreword     vi
The Editors

Legislature Tampers with Recording Act   235
W. Garrett Flickinger, Sheryl Scheible, and Christian G. Fritz

Commercial Law   239
Suzanne G. Lubar, Michael W. Pierson, William D. Slease, Kevin L. Vontungeln, Harry D. Chambers, Ed. and Bryan Evans, Ed.

Criminal Law   265
Will O'connell, Barbara A. Mandel, Ed.

Criminal Procedure   285
Janet Kinniry, Will O'Connell adn Barbara A. Mandel, Ed.

Evidence   329
Dennis S. Hazlett, Henrick A. Roehnert adn Ralph E. Trujillo, Ed.

Insurance Law   341
Jennifer L. Melfi and Luis E. Robles, Ed.

Property   373
Julie A. Gregory, Alison 0. Mahr, Jennifer L. Stone and Linda M. Ramsey, Ed.

Torts   407
Jolene L. Mccaleb and Matthew T. Byers, Ed.

Wills and Trusts   439
Matthew T. Byers

Workers' Compensation Law   459
Norman D. Ewart, Gregory D. Steinman and Luis E. Robles, Ed.