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New Mexico Law Review Spring 1993, Vol. 23, No. 2

Front Matter



ADMINISTRATIVE LAW—Whole Record Review and the Real Story Behind Walck v. City of Albuquerque    237
Phyllis M. Amato

COMMERCIAL LAW—The New Mexico Supreme Court Answers a Moot Question of Partnership Law: First National Bank in Albuquerque v. Sanchez   251
Christina Robles

COMMERCIAL LAW—And Then Personal Property Became Real Property: In re Anthony   263
Andrew A. Abeyta

CONTRACTS—New Mexico Adopts the Modem Approach to Interpreting Ambiguities: C.R. Anthony Company v. Loretto Mall Partners   281
Karla K. Poe

CONTRACTS—The Supreme Court Speaks Where the Legislature was Silent: Torrance County Mental Health Programs, Inc. v. New Mexico Health& Environment Department   291
Christopher A. Holland

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE—-The Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Self-Incrimination Applies to Juveniles in Court-Ordered Psychological Evaluations: State v. Christopher P.  305
Paul R. Owen

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE—New Mexico Denies Fifth Amendment Protection to Corporations: John Doe and Five Unnamed Corporations v. State ex rel. Governor's Organized Crime Prevention Commission  315
Tracy Toulou

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE—Search and Seizure of Person and Property: State v. Lovato   323
Julie M. Bardacke

FAMILY LAW—Custody Dispute Between Biological Mother and Non-biological, Non-adoptive Party: A.C. v. C.B.   331
S. Elizabeth Moore

RETROACTIVITY—Though Subsequent Case Found Price Affirmation Statutes Unconstitutional, Prior Opinion Would Be Applied: Stroh Brewery Co. v. Director of the New Mexico Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control   341
Anne-Kathryn Claassen

TORT LAW—The Application of the Rescue Doctrine Under Comparative Negligence Principles: Govich v. North American Systems, Inc.   349
Jennifer A. Noya

TORT LAW—Duty as a Matter of Policy Solon v. WEK Drilling   359
David J. Jaramillo

TORT LAW—Either the Parents or the Child May Claim Compensation for the Child's Medical and Non-Medical Damages: Lopez v. Southwest Community Health Services   373
Jessica Sutin

TORT LAW—Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress in the Marital Context: Hakkila v. Hakkila  387
Heather S. Call

TORT LAW—New Mexico Imposes Strict Liability on a Private Employer of an Independent Contractor for Harm From Dangerous Work, but Bestows Immunity on a Government Employer: Saiz v. Belen School District   399
Jane Marshall Gagne

TORT LAW—Res Ipsa Loquitur in Medical Malpractice Actions: Mireles v. Broderick   411
Alan H. Konig

TORT LAW—Sovereign Immunity: No Waiver in Caillouette v. Hercules   423
Caren I. Friedman


Coopting the Journalist's Privilege: Of Sources and Spray Paint   435
Daniel M. Faber

Lovelace Medical Center v. Mendez: A New Approach to Damages Awards in New Mexico   451
Lori McCamey Bencoe

Peremptory Exclusion of Spanish-Speaking Jurors: Could Hernandez v. New York Happen Here?   467
Andrew McGuire

Tribal Jurisdiction Under Section 1911(b) of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978: Are the States Respecting Indian Sovereignty?   479
Michael E. Connelly