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New Mexico Law Review Summer 1994, Vol. 24, No. 3

Front Matter


BANKRUPTCY LAW—Matching the Historic Legal Principles of New Mexico's Exemption Laws to the Modern Identity of Annuities: Doña Ana Savings & Loan Ass'n v. Dofflemeyer    365
Cerianne L. Mullins

CIVIL FORFEITURE—New Mexico Restricts the Use of Civil Forfeiture: State v. One 1990 Chevrolet Pickup   377
Patrick J. Martinez

CIVIL PROCEDURE—The Adoption of the Collateral Order Doctrine in New Mexico: Carrillo v. Rostro   389
Virginia R. Dugan

CIVIL PROCEDURE—Determining When a Party Gives Up the Right to Disqualify a Judge by Invoking the Discretion of a Court: JMB Retail Properties Co. v. Eastburn   399
Michael D. Witt

COPYRIGHT LAW—Tenth Circuit Application of the Abstraction-Filtration-Comparison Test to Determine the Scope of Copyright Protection for Computer Programs: Autoskill v. National Educational Support Systems   413
Rafael V. Baca

CRIMINAL LAW—New Mexico Rejects the "Lewd and Lascivious" Exception to Rule 404(B): State v. Lucero   427
Sarah B. Colley

CRIMINAL LAW—Whether the Elements of Deliberation and Premeditation Adequately Distinguish First Degree Murder from Second Degree Murder: State v. Garcia   437
Stephanie M. Griffin

CRIMINAL LAW—Whether a Defendant's Claim of Victim Aggressiveness Is an "Essential Element" of the Defense of Self-Defense: State v. Baca I & II   449
Mark R. Horton

CRIMINAL LAW—Terry Stops and Gang Members in New Mexico: State v. Jones   463
Monique M. Salazar

CRIMINAL LAW—The Child Abuse Statute Now Requires Criminal Negligence: Santillanes v. State   477
Gregory P. Williams

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE—A Criminal Defendant is Entitled to a Specific Jury Instruction When Supporting Evidence Exists: State v. Arias   485
Alison Arias

FIRST AMENDMENT—Criminal Libel Statute Held Unconstitutional as Applied to Public Statements Involving Public Concerns: State v. Powell  495
Shad L. Brown

FIRST AMENDMENT—The Expansion of the Obscenity Doctrine in New Mexico; Is it Tolerable? City of Farmington v. Fawcett   505
Linda M. Vanzi

INSURANCE LAW—The Court Rules on Underinsured Motorist Coverage; Keep It in the Family: Mountain States Mutual Casualty Co. v. Martinez   517
Frederick Kennon

PROPERTY LAW—-Under Certain Circumstances, New Mexico Law Now Allows Mechanics' Liens on Property Where Construction Never Took Place: Cubit v. Hausler   527
M. Barrington Brown

PROPERTY LAW—Property Owners in Condemnation Actions May Receive Compensation for Diminution in Value to Their Property Caused by Public Perception: City of Santa Fe v. Komis   535
Peggi A. W hitmore

STATE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW—Refusing to "Turn the Other Cheek"—New Mexico Rejects Federal "Good Faith" Exception to the Exclusionary Rule: State v. Gutierrez   545
Shannon Oliver

TORT CLAIMS ACT—-In the Aftermath of M.D.R., Holding the State to Its Promises: M.D.R. v. State Human Services Department   557

WORKERS' COMPENSATION LAW—The Sexual Harassment Claim Quandary: Workers' Compensation As an Inadequate and Unavailable Remedy: Cox v. Chino Mines/Phelps Dodge   565
Carlos M. Quiñones

WORKERS' COMPENSATION LAW-Pursuing the "Benevolent Purpose" of New Mexico's Workers' Compensation Statute as a Reimbursement Statute:Montoya v. AKAL Security, Inc.   577
Vickie R. Wilcox

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