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New Mexico Law Review Spring 1995, Vol. 25, No. 2

Front Matter



Fear of AIDS: The Catalyst for Expanding Judicial Recognition of a Duty to Prevent Emotional Distress Beyond Traditional Bounds    143
Karen L. Chadwick

Reticent Revolution: Prospects for Damage Suits Under the New Mexico Bill of Rights   173
Paul R. Owen

When is Cumulative Voting Preferable to Single-Member Districting?   197
Michael E. Lewyn

The Community Property Discharge in Bankruptcy: A Fair Result or a Creditor's Trap?   229
Jennifer L. Street


COMMUNITY PROPERTY—New Mexico Changes the Method of Allocating Future Pension Benefits Between Divorcing Spouses: Ruggles v. Ruggles  249
Norm Cairns

CRIMINAL LAW—New Mexico Adopts a Subsequent Consent Rule for Motorists Who Refuse to Consent to Chemical Testing: In re Suazo  261
Gianna M. Mendoza

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE—Only the Supreme Court Can Determine Whether the Death Sentence Would Be Excessive or Disproportionate: State v. Wyrostek  271
Renee Harton

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE—New Mexico Accepts Forensic DNA Evidence Under Rule of Evidence 11-702: State v. Anderson  283
Dara L. McKinney

FAMILY LAW—New Mexico Expands the Power of a Guardian to Include the Right to Initiate and Maintain a Divorce Action on Behalf of the Guardian's Incompetent Ward: Nelson v. Nelson  295
Vincent E. Martinez

INSURANCE LAW—New Mexico Recognizes the Administrative/Medical Services Distinction: Millers Casualty Insurance Co. of Texas v. Flores  303
Christine M. Hoeft

STATE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW—-New Mexico Requires Exigent Circumstances for Warrantless Public Arrests: Campos v. State  315
Wendy F. Jones

TORT CLAIMS ACT—Liability of Law Enforcement Officers While in the Line of Duty: Wilson v. Grant County  329
Dusti D. Pofahl

TORT LAW—Supreme Court Opens the Door for Res Ipsa Loquitur in Medical Malpractice: Mireles v. Broderick  341
Tracy L. Rabern

TORT LAW—New Mexico Examines the Doctrine of Comparative Fault in the Context of Premises Liability: Reichert v. Atler  353
Pamela J. Sewell

TORT LAW—-Focusing on the Nature of the Defendant's Control When Defining the Exclusive Control Element of Res Ipsa Loquitur: Trujeque v. Service Merchandise Co.  363
David A. Standbridge, Jr

TORT LAW—Occupiers of Land Must Exercise Reasonable Care For All Lawful Visitors: Ford v. Board of County Commissioners of the County of Doña Ana  373
Samuel E. Tuma

WRONGFUL DEATH—New Mexico Adopts Hedonic Damages in the Context of Wrongful Death Actions: Sears v. Nissan (Romero v. Byers)  385
Cindy Domingue-Hendrickson

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