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New Mexico Law Review Spring 1996, Vol. 26, No. 3

Front Matter



SIMMS MEMORIAL LECTURE SERIES: Explaining the Unexplainable: Analyzing the Simpson Verdict    349
Peter Arenella

Changing Interpretations of New Mexico's Constitutional Provisions Allocating Water Resources: Integrating Private Property Rights and Public Values   367
Charles T. DuMars

The Interpretation of the Confrontation Clause: Desire to Promote Perceived Societal Benefits and Denial of the Resulting Difficulties Produces Dichotomy in the Law   393
Carolyn M . Nichols

Freedom at Home: State Constitutions and Medicaid Funding for Abortions   433
Linda M. Vanzi


Gilmer Revisited: The Judicial Erosion of Employee Statutory Rights   455
Pierre Levy

Sex, Lies, and Lawsuits: A New Mexico Physician's Duty to Warn Third Parties Who Unknowingly May Be at Risk of Contracting HIV From a Patient   481
Jake Taylor


CIVIL PROCEDURE/ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION—New Mexico Applies Collateral Estoppel to Issues Fully and Fairly Litigated In Arbitration Proceedings: Rex, Inc. v. Manufactured Housing Committee of New Mexico, Manufactured Housing Division  513
Eric C. Christensen

CONTRACT LAW—The Changing Role of the General Release in New Mexico: Hansen v. Ford Motor Company   525
Elizabeth Knox

CRIMINAL LAW—Capital Sentencing Jurors May Be Informed About A Defendant's Period Of Parole Ineligibility: Clark v. Tansy   541
Theresa M. Montoya

CRIMINAL PROCEDURE—What Constitutes a Race-Neutral Explanation for Using Peremptory Challenges? State v. Guzman and Purkett v. Elem   555
Pamela C. Childers

STATE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW—New Mexico Rejects Apparent Authority to Consent as a Valid Basis for Warrantless Searches: State v. Wright   571
Kathleen M. Wilson

TORT LAW—Evolution of Duty in New Mexico: Torres v.State   585
Nancy Desiderio

TORT LAW—New Mexico Adopts Proportional Indemnity and Clouds the Distinction Between Contract and Tort: Amrep Southwest, Inc. v. Shollenbarger Wood Treating, Inc.   603
James M. Mock

TORT LAW–New Mexico Holds Corporations Liable for Punitive Damages Based Upon the Actions of Managerial Agents: Albuquerque Concrete Coring Co. v. Pan Am World Services, Inc.   617
Linda Hollander

TORT LAW—Supreme Court Permits Design Defect Claims in Both Strict Liability and Negligence: Brooks v. Beech Aircraft Corp.   629
Patricia M. Monaghan

TORT LAW (LEGAL MALPRACTICE)-Attorneys May Owe a Duty to Statutory Beneficiaries Regardless of Privity: Leyba v. Whitley   643
Marianne B. Hill

WORKERS' COMPENSATION LAW—New Mexico Clarifies the Meaning of a Special Employer as Distinct From a Statutory Employer: Rivera v. Sagebrush Sales, Inc.   655
Christine M. Landavazo

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