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New Mexico Law Review Summer 1998, Vol. 28, No. 3

Front Matter


Exploring a Substantive Approach to Equal Justice Under Law    411
Rebecca E. Zietlow


The Difference Between Mine and Thine: The Constitutionality of Public Employee Drug Testing    451
Jill Dorancy-Williams


BANKRUPTCY LAW—Tenth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Holds Workers' Compensation Premiums Are Not Entitled to Fringe Benefits Priority Status—In re Southern Star Foods, Inc.   487
Deborah Gille

CRIMINAL LAW—The Natural and Probable Consequences Doctrine Is Not a Natural Result for New Mexico—State v. Carrasco   505
Lisa G. Stark

CRIMINAL LAW—Home Alone: Why House Arrest Doesn'tQualify for Presentence Confinement Credit in New Mexico—State v. Fellhauer   519
Ben Feuchter

CRIMINAL LAW—New Mexico Applies the Strict Elements Test to the Collateral Felony Doctrine—State v. Campos   535
Kimberly A. Richards

CRIMINAL LAW—The Anomaly of a Murder: Not All First Degree Murder Mens Rea Standards Are Equal—State v. Brown   553
Vicki Zelle

EVIDENCE LAW—Boundaries, Balancing, and Prior Felony Convictions—Federal Rule of Evidence Rule 403 After United States v. Old Chief   583
Amina Quargnali-Linsley

EVIDENCE LAW—Striking the Right Balance in New Mexico' s Rape Shield Law—State v. Johnson   611
Haviva A. Graeber

HEALTH LAW—The Tenth Circuit Lowers the Evidentiary Burden to Overcome Peer Review Immunity Under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act—Brown v. Presbyterian Healthcare Services   625
Diane Gupton

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY—The Tenth Circuit Strikes Down New Mexico's Ban on Targeted Direct-Mail Lawyer Advertising—Revo v. Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court   641
Farzana Kanji

TORT LAW—New Mexico Adds the Product-Line Exception to Successor Company Liability—Garcia v. Coe Manufacturing Co.   653
Zachary Shandler

WORKERS' COMPENSATION—The District Court Should Make the Initial Determination of Jurisdiction in Workers' Compensation Cases Involving Intentional Tort Claims—Eldridge v. Circle K Corp.   665
Justin Lesky

INDEX: VOLUME 28    677