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New Mexico Law Review Spring 2000, Vol. 30, No. 2

Front Matter


John Field Simms Memorial Lecture Series: Constitutional Vandalism    155
David E. Kendall

Judicial Selection in New Mexico: A Hybrid of Commission Nomination and Partisan Election   177
Leo M. Romero

Pitfalls in Merger Analysis: The Dirty Dozen   227
Malcolm B. Coate & A.E. Rodriguez


Sacrificing People, Protecting Hate: An Analysis of Anti-Militia Statutes and the Incitement to Violence Exception to Freedom of Speech as Legal Protections for Members of Groups Targeted by Hate-Motivated Violence   253
Lauren Oliveros


DISABILITY LAW—Needless Institutionalization of Individuals with Mental Disabilities as Discrimination Under the ADA—Olmstead v. L C.   287
Rosemary L. Bauman

EMPLOYMENT LAW—An Employer's Duty to Third Parties When Giving Employment Recommendations—-Davis v. Board of County Commissioners of Dona Ana County   307
John K. Ziegler

TORT LAW—The Doctrine of Independent Intervening Cause Does Not Apply in Cases of Multiple Acts of Negligence—Torres v. El Paso Electric Company   325
Cynthia Loehr

TORT LAW—Foreseeability vs. Public Policy Considerations in Determining the Duty of Physicians to Non-Patients—Lester v. Hall   351
Lisa M. Nuttall

TORT LAW—New Mexico Limits Recovery of Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress to Sudden, Traumatic Accidents—Fernandez v. Walgreen Hastings Co.  363
Lauren Keefe

TORT LAW—The Supreme Court has a Chance to Provide a Remedy for Plaintiffs Injured Under the Theory of Loss of Chance—Alberts v. Schultz   387
Beverly P. Spearman

TORT LITIGATION—The New Case for the "Seat Belt Defense"—Norwest Bank New Mexico, N.A. v. Chrysler Corporation   403
Katherine Nielsen

INDEX: 10 Year, Volumes 21-30    703