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New Mexico Law Review Summer 2002, Vol. 32, No. 3

Front Matter

INTRODUCTION          ix


New Mexico Taxes: Taking Another Look    351
Robert J. Desiderio, James La Fata, & Maria Siemel McCulley


CHILDREN'S LAW: Investigatory Detention of Juveniles in New Mexico: Providing Greater Protection than Miranda Rights for Children in the Area of Police Questioning—State of New Mexico v. Javier M.   393
Maria E. Touchet

CIVIL PROCEDURE: The Use of Collateral Estoppel and the Implications on the Multiple Trials Flowing from a Denial of Class Certification—Dodge v. Cotter Corporation   409
Susan R. Johnson

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: Ferguson v. City of Charleston: A Victory for Fourth Amendment Rights, but Is It a Victory for Women?   423
Tamara L. Ewing

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: Qualified Immunity and "Factual Correspondence" in New Mexico: The Tension Between Formalism and Legal Realism   439
Samantha Adams

EVIDENCE: Protecting Privileged Information—-A New Procedure for Resolving Claims of the Physician-Patient Privilege in New Mexico—Piña v. Espinoza   453
Valerie Reighard

INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Partners, Politics, and Promises: An Analysis of the North American Free Trade Agreement's Arbitral Panel Decision Concerning the United States-Mexico Trucking Dispute   471
Stephen T. Weisweaver

REDISTRICTING: Easley v. Cromartie, 532 U.S. 234 (2001): Race-Based Redistricting and Unequal Protection   491
Wade L Jackson

SEARCH AND SEIZURE LAW: State v. Cardenas-Alvarez: The Jurisdictional Reach of State Constitutions-Applying State Search and Seizure Standards to Federal Agents   531
Rebecca N. Turner

TORT LAW: Tort Liability when Fraudulent Misrepresentation Regarding Birth Control Results in the Birth of a Healthy Child—Wallis v. Smith   549
Brenda Saiz

WORKERS' COMPENSATION: Exclusivity, Common Law Remedies, and the Reconsideration of the Actual Intent Test—Delgado v. Phelps Dodge Chino, Inc.   567
Mariposa Padilla Sivage

INDEX: VOLUME 32    597