New Mexico Law Review Spring 2005, Vol. 35, No. 2

The New Mexico Law Review Presents a Symposium
on Civil Numbers: Examining the Spectrum of Noneconomic Harm

Front Matter

INTRODUCTION          ix


An Economic Model Costing "Early Offers" Medical Malpractice Reform: Trading Noneconomic Damages for Prompt Payment of Economic Damages    259
Jeffrey O'Connell, Jeremy Kidd & Evan Stephenson

Valuing Relationships: The Role of Damages for Loss of Society    301
JoEllen Lind

Heart of Stone: What Is Revealed About the Attitude of Compassionate Conservatives Toward Nursing Home Practices, Tort Reform, and Noneconomic Damages    337
Michael L. Rustad

Loss  375
Heidi Li Feldman


Examining the Spectrum of Noneconomic Harm: An Introduction   391
M. E . Occhialino

Making the System Work Better: Improving the Process for Determination of Noneconomic Loss   401
James F .B lum stein

The Value of Life and Loss of Enjoyment of Life Damages from an Economist's Perspective   419
M. Brian McDonald

I Think, Therefore I Am; I Feel, Therefore I Am Taxed: Déscartes, Tort Reform, and the Civil Rights Tax Relief Act   429
Laura Spitz

Panel Discussion: Translating Theory into Practice: The Valuation of Noneconomic Damages in Real Life   449
M. E. Occhialino, James Branch, Kathy Love, Andrew Schultz, Luis Stelzner & Patrick Sullivan