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2008 Symposium: New Mexico's Land Grants & the Law

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This symposium, held April 12, 2008, explored recent developments in the law, history, and politics of New Mexico’s Spanish and Mexican land grants, which have been the subject of social and legal conflict since the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This topic exemplifies the core mission of the Natural Resources Journal: to establish a dialogue about natural resources issues that crosses the artificial boundaries separating the discipline of law from those of history, policy and science, and that addresses important issues that have real relevance to policymakers, practitioners and ordinary New Mexicans.


The symposium's speakers brought extensive expertise and a diverse array of viewpoints to bear on these important issues; their biographies are listed.

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The 2004 Government Accountability Office Report

Susan Sawtelle, Managing Associate General Counsel, GAO, and
Jeff Malcolm, Assistant Director, GAO
Handout: GAO Community Land Grant Report Presentation
Video: 2004 Government Accountability Office Report

Response to the 2004 GAO Report

David Benavides and Ryan Golten, New Mexico Legal Aid Land & Water Rights Project
Video: Response to the 2004 GAO Report

History & Adjudication of the Antonio Chávez Grant

Mark Schiller, Editor, La Jicarita News
Video: Antonio Chávez Grant

Taking Timber, Earth and Water: The Interlocking Histories of Railroad Development & Land Grant Speculation in Northern New Mexico

David Correia, Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Maine Farmington
Video: Taking Timber, Earth and Water

Land Grants and the Forest Service

Carol Raish and Alice McSweeney, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Handout: Land Grants and the Forest Service
Video: Land Grants & the Forest Service

Persistence and Disintegration: New Mexico Community Land Grants in Historical Perspective

Manuel García y Griego, Director of the Southwest Hispanic Research Institute
Video: Persistence and Disintegration


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