March 1961, Vol. 1, No. 1


Nuclear Explosions for Peaceful Purposes        1
William H. Berman, Lee M. Hydeman

The Choice of Use in Resource Management         32
Gilbert F. White

Forfeiture, Notice and Demand and Judicial Ascertainment Clauses in Oil and Gas Leases         41
Howard R. Williams, Charles J. Meyers

The Rural-Urban Transfer of Water in California         64
Stephen C. Smith

Proposed Legislation to Enlarge Prediscovery Rights of Mineral Locations        76
G. H. Ladendorff

The "New Rules" in New Mexico         96
Jerrold L. Walden

The Proposed New Mexico Criminal Code        123
Henry Weihofen

Annulment of Marriages in New Mexico         146
David H. Vernon

Toward Clarification of New Mexico's Real Property Statutes          181
Verle R. Seed


Juries—Selection of Federal Jurors—Exclusion of Economic Class         189
William E. Snead

Evidence—Witnesses—Deadman Statute—Corroboration        195
James E. Womack


Resources Development—Frontiers for Research, Franklin S. Pollak, Editor        195
Robert Emmet Clark

Books Received         196