May 1963, Vol. 3, No. 1

Front Matter


Federal Power in Western Waters: The Navigation Power and the Rule of No Compensation        1
Eva H. Morreale

Goals and Standards of Performance for the Conservation of Minerals         78
Orris C. Herfindahl

Value of Storing Stream Runoff for Irrigation Use         98
Charles V. Moore


Federal Taxation of New Mexico Community Property          104
R. Dale Swihart


Automobiles—Torts—Guest Statute: Ford v. Etheridge, 377 P.2d (N.M. 1962).          170
Robert M. Sanderford

Constitutional Law—Separation of Powers: Continental Oil Co. v. Oil Conservation Comm'n, 70 N.M. 310, 373 P.2d 809 (1962).          178
Thomas A. Garrity

Insurance—Duty to Defend—Conflict of Interests: Harbin v. Assurance Co. of America, 308 F.2d 748 (10th Cir. 1962).         185
Richard L. Gerding

Negligence—Attractive Nuisance—Child Trespassers: Klaus v. Eden, 70 N.M. 371, 374 P.2d 129 (1962);McFall v. Shelley, 70 N.M. 390, 374 P.2d 799 (1962).         193
Forrest S. Smith

Torts—Unavoidable Accident—Instruction: Horrocks v. Rounds, 70 N.M. 73, 370 P.2d 799 (1962).        204
Helene Simson


McDougal, Myres S. and Burke, William T., The Public Order of the Oceans          208
Albert E. Utton

Potter, Neal and Christy, Francis T., Jr., Trends in Natural Resource Commodities: Statistics of Prices, Output, Consumption, Foreign Trade, and Employment in the United States, 1870-1957           212
William L. McDaniel

Books Received         214