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October 1963, Vol. 3, No. 2

Front Matter


Some Physical, Technological, and Economic Characteristics of Water and Water Resource Systems: Implications for Administration        215
Blair T. Bower

Recreation Planning as an Economic Problem        239
Robert K. Davis

Outdoor Recreation Research: Some Concepts and Suggested Areas of Study         250
Marion Clawson, Jack L. Knetsch

The Myth and Reality of Multiple Use Forestry         276
George R. Hall

The Maximum Acreage Requirement of Noncompetitive Federal Oil and Gas Lease Offers on the Public Domain         291
Robert G. Vernon

The Leasing of Federal Oil and Gas Rights in Lands Affected by Rights-of-Way Granted Under Federal Laws        300
Neil F. Stull


Compulsory Pooling of Oil and Gas Interests in New Mexico          316
Richard S. Morris


Trial—Appeal and Error—Findings of Fact: Hoskins v. Albuquerque Bus Co., 382 P.2d 700 (N.M. 1963).          331
Jonathan B. Sutin

Administrative Law—Judicial Review—State Engineer: Kelley v. Carlsbad Irr. Dist., 379 P.2d 763 (N.M. 1963).           340
Robert M. Sanderford

Foreign Corporations—Transaction of Business—A Double Definition: Melfi v. Goodman, 69 N.M. 488, 368 P.2d 582 (1962); J. H. Silversmith, Inc., v. Keeter, 382 P.2d 720 (N.M. 1963).         348
Richard L. Gerding

Administrative Law—Primary Jurisdiction: State ex rel. State Corp. Comm'n v. Zinn, 380 P.2d 182 (N.M. 1963).         356
Helene Simson

Oil and Gas—Conservation—Federal v. State Regulation: Northern Natural Gas Co. v. State Corp. Comm'n of Kansas, 372 U.S. 84 (1963).        361
Forrest S. Smith


MacKaye, Benton, The New Exploration          371
Blair T. Bower

Books Received       375