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January 1964, Vol. 3, No. 3

Front Matter



Foreword        377
Ian Burton and Robert W. Kates

Small Private Forest Landownership in the United States—Individual and Social Perception        379
Dean N. Quinney

Wilderness Perception and Use: The Example of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area         394
Robert C. Lucas

The Perception of Natural Hazards in Resource Management        412
Ian Burton, Robert W. Kates

Strip Mining Legislation         442
Robert G. Meiners

Federal Income Tax Consequences Under Typical Farm-Out Agreements        470
J. J. Bowden


The Uniform Commercial Code: Some New Mexico Problems and Proposed Legislative Solutions          487
David H. Vernon


Oil and Gas—Conservation—Proration: Continental Oil Co. v. Oil Conservation Comm'n, 70 N.M. 310, 373 P.2d 809 (1962).          520
Thomas A. Garrity

Civil Procedure—Motion for Directed Verdict—Time for Motion: Home Fire and Marine Ins. Co. v. Pan Am. Petroleum Corp., 381 P.2d 675 (N.M. 1963).          526
John R. Cooney

Creditor's Rights—Mechanics' Liens—Rental Equipment: Lembke Const. Co. v. J. D. Coggins Co., 382 P.2d 983 (N.M. 1963).         532
William F. Tull

Physicians and Surgeons—Malpractice—Statute of Limitations—"Foreign Objects" Cases: Roybal v. White, 383 P.2d 250 (N.M. 1963).        540
Robert J. Werner


Ciriacy-Wantrup, S. V., Resource Conservation: Economics and Policies          548
Jack L. Knetsch

Barnett, Harold J. and Morse, Chandler, Scarcity and Growth: The Economics of Natural Resource Availability          550
Michael F. Brewer

Carstensen, Vernon, Ed., The Public Lands: Studies in the History of the Public Domain        553
R. Burnell Held

A Special Committee Under the Direction of Nathaniel Wollman: Ralph L. Engel, Marshall E. Farris, H. Ralph Stucky, Alvin J. Thompson, and Nathaniel Wollman, The Value of Water in Alternative Uses         556
Ayers Brinser

Books Received        561

Index—Volume 3    562