May 1964, Vol. 4, No. 1



The West and Its Public Lands: Aid or Obstacle to Progress?        1
Stewart L. Udall

Arizona v. California—A Brief Review         17
David Haber

Determining Water Requirements for Settling Water Disputes         29
Harry F. Blaney, Wayne D. Criddle

Research on Natural Resources: A Review and Commentary         42
Samuel H. Ordway, Jr., Wallace D. Bowman, John Milton

Symposium: New Mexico's Uniform Commercial Code—Forward        68
David H. Vernon

New Mexico's Uniform Commercial Code: Who is the Beneficiary of the Stop Payment Provisions of Article 4?         69
Richard E. Tanner, Jr.

Breach of the Peace and New Mexico's Uniform Commercial Code         85
David R. Sierra

Special Property Under the Uniform Commercial Code: A New Concept in Sales         98
Robert M. Dixon

Fixtures and the Uniform Commercial Code in New Mexico        109
Vern H. Payne


Privilege for Marital Communications in New Mexico         123
Robert M. Sanderford

Procedural Problems in Amending New Mexico's Constitution          151
Helene Simson


Constitutional Law—Delegation of Power—New Mexico Bypass Law         160
William C. Bowers

Automobiles—Torts—Guest Statute—What Constitutes Actionable Misconduct         168
John R. Cooney

Uniform Commercial Code—Secured Transactions—Default         175
Thomas J. Dunn

Highways—Eminent Domain—Damages for Loss of Access          181
Phyllis F. Oman

Intoxicating Liquors—Price Control—Fair Trade and Minimum Markups         189
Robert J. Werner


Wingo, Jr., Lowdon, Cities and Space: The Future Use of Urban Land          199
Fred A. Clarenbach

Netherton, Ross D., Control of Highway Access          205
John E. Cribbet

Slovenko, Ralph, Ed., Mineral and Tideland's Law          210
Eugene Kuntz

Cooley, Richard A., Politics and Conservation: The Decline of the Alaska Salmon          213
James A. Crutchfield, William F. Royce

Books Received         216