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October 1964, Vol. 4, No. 2


A Review of the Report of the Committee on Environmental Health Problems to the Surgeon General        219
Charles A. Dambach

The Report on Pesticide Use         247
Roland C. Clement

The "New" Competition for Land and Some Implications for Public Policy         252
S. V. Ciriacy-Wantrup

New Mexico's Climate: The Appreciation of a Resource         268
Yi-Fu Tuan, Cyril E. Everard

The Colombia River Treaty and Protocol Agreement         309
W. R. Derrick Sewell

Oil Conservation in a New Setting        332
Wallace F. Lovejoy


Separation of Powers in New Mexico         350
Thomas A. Garrity

The Use of Eminent Domain for Oil and Gas Pipelines in New Mexico          360
Richard L. Gerding

Forest Fire Protection on Public and Private Lands in New Mexico        374
Forrest S. Smith

New Mexico's Uniform Commercial Code: Presentment Warranties and the Myth of the "Shelter Provision"         398
William F. Tull


Civil Procedure—Dismissal and Nonsuit—Mandamus          413
William C. Bowers


Oda, Shigeru, International Control of Sea Resources          420
D. M. Johnston

Garfield, Paul J. and Lovejoy, Wallace F., Public Utility Economics          424
W. M. Shepard

Wisdom, A. S., The Law of Rivers and Watercourses         426
A. W. Stone

Bowman, Mary Jean and Haynes, Warren W., Resources and People in East Kentucky: Problems and Potentials of a Lagging Economy         428
J. W. Milliman

Vanek, Jaroslav, The Natural Resource Content of United States Foreign Trade 1870-1955         434
Wolfram Liepe

Udall, Stewart L., The Quiet Crisis         440
Paul B. Sears