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January 1965, Vol. 4, No. 3



Constitutional Law—Zoning-Flood Plain Regulation       445
Edward W. Beuchert


Major Conservation and Resources Legislation        449
Robert Emmet Clark

State Land Policy in Alaska: Progress and Prospects         455
Richard A. Cooley

The Economic Effect of the Severance Tax on Decisions of the Mining Firm         468
Allyn O. Lockner

State Regulation of Channel Encroachments         486
Edward W. Beuchert

The Economics of Water Transfer         522
Michael F. Brewer

Soil Depletion and Land Rent         537
M. Mason Gaffney

Adverse Possession in New Mexico—Part One         559
Verle S. Seed


Malicious Prosecution—Necessity of Alleging Arrest or Property Seizure—Exceptions          584
Theodore Parnall

Torts—Libel and Slander—The Libel Per Se-Libel Per Quod Distinction in New Mexico          590
Rodric B. Schoen

Elections—Primary Petition Requirements         606
Ronald T. Taylor

Constitutional Law—Right to Counsel—Waiver        616
Mark B. Thompson III

Warranty—The Privity Requirement—Products Liability—Uniform Commercial Code §2-318         626
John N. Urtes


MacAvoy, Paul W., Price Formation in Natural Gas Fields: A Study of Competition, Monopsony, and Regulation          634
Wallace F. Lovejoy

Mann, Dean E., The Politics of Water in Arizona          638
Joseph L. Sax

Science and Technology for Development Vol. II, Natural Resources        644
Eldon Raymond Dodge

Clawson, Marion H., Land for Americans and Land and Water for Recreation         647
Milton H. Steinmueller

Cohen, Maxwell, Ed., Law and Politics in Space         651
Don E. Kash

Winch, David M., The Economics of Highway Planning         654
Ross D. Netherton

Index—Volume 4    656