May 1965, Vol. 5, No. 1

Front Matter


Policies for Water Law: Property Rights, Economic Forces, and Public Regulation         1
Frank J. Trelease

Goals and Standards of Performance for the Conservation of Minerals: A Comment          49
David B. Brooks

Municipal Water Supply for Nonresidents: Recent Developments and a Suggestion for the Future          54
Joseph L. Sax

Problems in Federal Management of Natural Resources for Recreation          62
Phillip O. Foss


Adverse Possession in New Mexico—Part Two        96
Verle R. Seed


Police Power and the Design of Buildings          122
William C. Bowers

Corporate Dividends in New Mexico         149
Thomas J. Dunn


Contributory Negligence—Minor Plaintiff—Drowning Cases—No Presumption of Negligence—Mellas v. Lowdermilk, 58 N.M. 363, 271 P.2d 399 (1954); Martinez v. C. R. Davis Contracting Co., 73 N.M. 474, 389 P.2d 597 (1964).          172
Thomas L. Bonham

Negligence—Last Clear Chance—Inextricable Position Requirement in New Mexico—Burnham v. Yellow Checker Cab, Inc., 391 P.2d 413 (N.M. 1964).          181
William H. Carpenter


Hurst, James Willard, Law and Economic Growth: The Legal History of the Lumber Industry in Wisconsin, 1836-1915          187
Dean N. Quinney

Berkner, Lloyd V., The Scientific Age          190
Paul B. Sears

Richardson, Elmo R., The Politics of Conservation: Crusades and Controversies, 1897-1913          193
Ernest A. Engelbert

Milner, J. B., Community Planning: A Casebook on Law and Administration          197
Ira Michael Heyman

Mullenbach, Philip, Civilian Nuclear Power: Economic Issues and Policy Formation          202
Samuel D. Estep

Books Received         212