January 1966, Vol. 6, No. 4



Eminent Domain—Enhanced Value Through Federal Projects—The Rule in United States v. Miller        1
Eva Morreale

Eminent Domain—Conservation—Evidence Necessary to Determine if a Regulation Restricting the Use of Property is Invalid as a Taking Without Compensation         8
William E. Rychman, Jr.


Strip Mining Reclamation and Economic Analysis          13
David B. Brooks

Drainage of Oil and Gas From Adjoining Tracts—A Further Development          45
George W. Hardy III

Is Public Intervention in Water Resources Development Conducive to Economic Efficiency?          60
John V. Krutilla

Resource Use in the Regional Landscape          76
Robert H. Twiss, R. Burton Litton


Annexation of Unincorporated Territory in New Mexico          83
John R. Cooney


Ad Valorem Taxes—Omitted Property and Improvements—Assessments          105
Cleopatra Campbell

Automobiles—Guest Statute—Non-Operating Owner          118
Peter J. Broullire III

Water Rights—Failure to Use—Forfeiture          127
Walter R. Parr

Regional Planning—Subdivision Control—New Mexico's New Municipal Code          135
Timothy W. Glidden

Agency—Authority to Endorse Checks—Effect of Signature Cards          142
Theodore Parnall

Criminal Law—Resentencing—Credit Not Allowed for Time Served Under Void Conviction         152
Ranne B. Miller

Civil Procedure—Dismissal and Nonsuit—Mandate Dismissal          159
Frances Freedle


Poleman, Thomas T., The Papaloapan Project: Agricultural Development in the Mexican Tropics          168
James R. Gray

Alonso, William, Location and Land Use          171
H. S. Coblentz

Whyte, William H., Cluster Development          173
H. S. Coblentz

Mudd, Stuart, The Population Crisis and the Use of World Resources          176
Neal Potter

Books Received         180