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April 1966, Vol. 6, No. 2




Watercourses—Recreational Uses For Water Under Prior Appropriation Law        181
Willis H. Ellis

Submerged Lands—Submerged Lands Act of 1953—The Definition of "Inland Waters"         186
Robert G. Meiners


Land Policy In Alaska: A Comment          192
Robert C. Haring

Convention And Limitation In Benefit-Cost Analysis          195
Richard J. Hammond

State Conservation Regulation and The Proposed R-199         223
Kenneth Heady

Ground Water Rights and Depletion Deduction          237
Sho Sato

The Civilian Conservation Corps and The Origins of The New Mexico State Park System          248
Elmo R. Richardson

The Pro And Con Of Interjecting Plaintiff Insurance Companies In Jury Trial Cases: An Isolated Jury Project Case Study          269
Dale W. Broeder


Municipal Corporations—Elections—The Sufficiency of Petitions Seeking Referendum and Initiative          288
Walter R. Parr

Community Property—Husband's Use of Community Funds to Enter Joint Tenancy With Third Party         298
Ranne B. Miller

Torts—Motor Vehicles—Liability For Killing Livestock          306
Cleopatra Campbell

Criminal Procedure—Habitual Offenders—Collateral Attack on Prior Foreign Convictions In a Recidivist Proceeding          316
Herbert M. Campbell II

Water Law—The Rise And Fall Of New Mexico's Templeton Doctrine          325
Timothy W. Glidden

Torts—The Doctrine Of Res Ipsa Loquitur In New Mexico          334
Chris A. Corondoni


Kendrick, John W., Measuring the Nation's Wealth          346
Neal Potter

Kneese, Allen V., The Economics of Regional Water Quality Management          351
James A. Crutchfield

Cullingworth, J. B., Town and Country Planning in England and Wales          354
J. B. Milner

Harr, Charles M., Law and Land          358
Daniel R. Mandelker

Books Received        360