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April 1967, Vol. 7, No. 2



The Public Land Law Review Commission: Origins and Goals        149
Wayne N. Aspinall

Whose Public Lands?         153
R. Burnell Held

Strategy and Organization in Public Land Policy         162
George R. Hall

The Federal Lands as Big Business        183
Marion Clawson

Natural Resources Disposal Policy—Oral Auction Versus Sealed Bids         194
Walter J. Mead

Administration of the Mining Laws in Areas of Conflict         225
Irving Senzel

The Mining Law and Multiple Use         242
Jerry A. O'Callaghan

Managing State Lands: Some Legal-Economic Considerations         252
E. Boyd Wennergren, N. Keith Roberts

The Executive          267
Denny O. Ingram, Jr.


Legislative Bodies—Conflict of Interest—Legislators Prohibited From Contracting With State          296
John M. Wells

Criminal Law—Appeal by State—Double Jeopardy         304
Carl J. Schmidt

Discovery—Disclosure of Existence and Policy Limits of Liability Insurance          313
Richard B. Cole


Westphall, Victor, The Public Domain in New Mexico 1854-1891          322
J. L. Penick, Jr.

Hibbard, Benjamin H., A History of Public Land Policies          324
R. Burnell Held

Books Received        327